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Samsung Galaxy S3 Rumours Compared With The Excellent iPhone 4S
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 253 views
Whenever the Samsung Galaxy S3 is released it will undoubtedly become a great success thanks to its high specification and the excellent reputation that the Galaxy range has developed. It is hard to see how it can outshine a phone as good as the iPhone 4S however. In the screen department Apple still lead the way and the excellent chipset used means that the phone offers performance speeds that will be very hard to improve upon.

The New White iPhone 4 8GB Takes On The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 124 views
If you are looking for a phone to grab the attention of your friends then you should look no further than these two stylish models. The Xperia Arc matches the White iPhone 4 8GB for looks but cannot keep up with the Apple in terms of technical specification or performance.

The White iPhone 4S And What It Can Offer Fitness Fans
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 120 views
Both of the applications we have spoken about show how the White iPhone 4 is much more than a mobile phone. The device is a perfect tool for all areas of everyday life and with software improving all of the time expect to see more uses for the device becoming available.

OS Improvements On The White iPhone 4S Rival Android
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 93 views
The Android Ice Cream Sandwich is impressive and helps to unify a number of different products but the new iOS5 offers far better features and improvements. This new system should help to ensure that demand for the White iPhone 4S is as high as we have previously experienced on previous iPhone releases.

The New White iPhone 4S Boasts Excellent Social Applications
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 92 views
These two new features are great additions to the list of excellent applications on the White iPhone 4S. The Find My Friends feature further enhances the social appeal of this model whilst Find My Phone can help reduce the number of handsets that are lost or stolen each year.

The Impressive iPhone 4 Is Finally Offered In A Stunning White Version
Technology - By Chris Westley, 124 views
With many delay reasons to put up with the strongest attribute to the problem with the White iPhone 4 was interaction of the white paint with the scratch less and stainless glass technology.

The White iPhone 5 Set For A Design Change
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 122 views
The White iPhone 5 will be with us very soon and early supports suggest the anticipated demand for this model may exceed the record breaking figures achieved by the iPhone 4. The phone is destined to become the leading smartphone and will raise the bar for brands such as HTC and Samsung to follow.

The White Samsung Galaxy S2 Offers A High 480 x 800 Resolution
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 112 views
The superb quality of screen that is on offer with the White Samsung Galaxy S2 is just one of many elements that makes this model so special. It really is the perfect platform for viewing all manner of material and sets the bar very high for other future handsets to aspire to.

The iPhone 4-Airprint Just One Superb feature
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 96 views
The excellence of this operating system is perhaps the key factor behind the massive success these models have enjoyed and the iPhone 4 looks to continue this trend.

The White iPhone 4 Offers The Ultimate Display
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 89 views
There are many reasons why the iPhone 4 is a special handset, and the fact that it has sold in such great volume illustrates this, the screen however is undeniably streets ahead of the competition, producing image quality that should not be possible on a portable device.

The Nokia Sea Ray Cannot Match The Screen Technology Of The iPhone 4
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 117 views
The Nokia Sea Ray is certainly a move in the right direction from the developers but when you put it up against a phone as good as the iPhone 4 it shows that Nokia still have a little way to go before they can seriously challenge the top end of the market.

iCloud Removes The Need For A PC With The iPhone 4
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 126 views
The iPhone 4 will really benefit from the arrival of iOS5. The wealth of changes that are on offer not only improve how the phone works but also make the device feel like a brand new handset. The update should be available this autumn.

What To Expect From iOS5 On the iPhone 4
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 130 views
The new operating system for the iPhone 4 is available in the autumn and will be available for download via iTunes. What we have discussed briefly here are just two great improvements with hundreds more also present. The new iOS5 certainly looks exciting and effectively helps keep the iPhone 4 as one of the very best handsets available over the coming months.

The iPhone 4 Set For Change With The Addition Of iOS5
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 135 views
The iPhone 4 remains one of the very best handsets available and iOS5 looks set to further enhance the attraction of this superb handset.

Text Messaging Is Lightning Fast On The iPhone 4 White
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 147 views
The White iPhone 4 offers one of the most user friendly user keypads available. Not only is the keypad responsive but the high level of intelligence offered by the phone ensures the composition of text is a quick and simple affair.

The iPhone 4 Offers A Multitude Of Sharing Options Thanks To Air Play
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 107 views
Air Play is just one of many superb features on the iPhone 4 and one of the reasons why this model stays ahead of the chasing pack in terms of innovation and user friendliness.

The iPhone 4 Gets A New Accessory In The Shape Of The Pic3D
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 136 views
The iPhone 4 still remains a leading player in the mobile phone world and the Pic3D sheet brings the handset partially in line with newer offerings such as the HTC Evo 3D. Until Apple decide to launch a 3D handset this is the perfect alternative to bring material to life on the handset.

The iPhone 4 White And iOS5-What Users Can Expect
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 103 views
These features are all in addition to the more well known ones which are currently being reported and it is safe to say they all contribute towards what is looking like a very comprehensive package. Owners of handsets such as the White iPhone 4 will be able to update to this software as soon as it is available.

Great Facilities For Gaming On The iPhone 4 White And The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 120 views
As a mobile handset the White iPhone 4 undoubtedly come out on top here, but serious gamers may be attracted by the slide out pad that the Xperia Play boasts.

Windows 7 Mango Notification Not As Impressive As iOS5 For The iPhone 4 White
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 148 views
Both of these platform updates are indeed impressive but the Apple system seems to have undergone more of a change. Owner of handsets such as the HTC 7 Mozart will love what Mango offers them but iPhone 3GS and White iPhone 4 owners will benefit more from the massive changes Apple have made.

The iPhone 4 White Will Benefit From The Forthcoming OS Update
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 104 views
This evidently quite a revamp from Apple and the change is so drastic that White iPhone 4 users will feel like they have a brand new phone all over again.

Looks On The iPhone 4 White Outshine The Blackberry Bold 9900
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 137 views
These are two superb phones from two of the biggest names available. The speed and functionality of the Blackberry Bold 9900 is appealing but the design of the White iPhone 4 together with the excellent range of applications available ensure this will be the phone of choice for many fans.

How May The iPhone 5 Square Up Against The iPhone 4 White
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 127 views
These are the changes that are generally believed will occur on the iPhone 5 however it does not detract from the fact that the White iPhone 4 is an exquisite phone. The lack of an official release date may not deter to many consumers for opting for the current handset, especially with the shorter contracts that are currently being offered meaning there is also opportunity to upgrade much sooner.

Why Has The New iPhone 4 in White Taken So Long To Arrive
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 111 views
The iPhone 4 has proved sensational, and this new White version looks to reignite the publics love with this phone thanks to the new finish together with the excellent specification we are already so familiar with.

The New iPhone 4 White - The Retina Display Makes It A Complete Handset
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 98 views
There are many reason why the iPhone 4 is a special handset, and the fact that it has sold in such great volume illustrates this, the screen however is undeniably streets ahead of the competition, producing image quality that should not be possible on a portable device.

The New iPhone 4 White With The Improved Ios4
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 99 views
The excellence of this operating system is perhaps the key factor behind the massive success these models have enjoyed, and the iPhone 4 White looks to continue this trend.

The Great iPhone 4 From Apple In Stylish White Finish
Technology - By Emma Rosher, 144 views
The iPhone 4 is undoubtedly the most popular phone available, and this new colour variation only strengthens this desirability of this user friendly, feature packed phone.

Apple 3G iPhone White – An astounding mobile phone
Technology - By Derrick Jonson, 131 views
The Apple 3G iPhone White is a user-friendly mobile phone, embraced in white color. It has on board, several revolutionary features including a 2MP camera and an audio/video player, among others.

HTC G1 White Deals For Complete Mobile Solutions
Technology - By Matthew Christian, 212 views
Herculean mobile phone manufacturers are hitting the market space in order to offer their way best handsets to the customers. In the rush HTC is the one name, who are attracting consumers with their high end handsets. HTC G1 White is one of the most popular entrant in the list. Present communication scenario is witnessing latest and captivating HTC G1 White Deals for those who want to make uninterrupted calls.

The Colors and Karats of Gold
Fashion - By Wade Peterson, 794 views
Sometimes shopping for wedding rings and jewelry in general can be confusing. This straightens out the differences in karat gold and the different colors.

How To Choose Palladium, Platinum, Or Gold For a White Wedding Ring
Jewelry - By Wade Peterson, 969 views
There are more differences than price between palladium, platinum, and white gold. What are the advantages and disadvantages between the three?

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