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Venture to the Top and Conquer some of Bali’s Most Impressive Volcanic Peaks
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 84 views
Don't forget, Bali is also home to some fascinating volcanoes. Active they may be, but they are still climbable. Head to the top and enjoy the view.

Our Money is on your US Dollars being as Crisp as Possible for you to Thoroughly Enjoy Myanmar
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 85 views
Traveling to and around Myanmar can be exciting. And it is! There's one thing you may need to do before embarking on your journey. Your Dollars must be crisp and new.

The Exotic, the Amazing, the Unique, the Magnificent; it’s all Waiting for you in Sumatra
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 73 views
Head to Sumatra and prepare to be amazed. The island is sure to astound with unique natural offerings. Orange orangutans and large crater lakes and more await.

Your Generous Morning Alms Giving will Warrant a Kind Blessing; What a Way to Start off the Day
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 86 views
Wake up early and make some merit. Offer your alms to the monks and receive your blessing. A great way to witness an unique spectacle and integrate with the locals.

Be Intrigued & Fascinated by the Complex and often Fascinating World of Hindu/Buddhist Mythology
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 78 views
Did you know that many of Buddhism's mythologies are also Hindu's? Learn more about some of these fascinating myths and legends.

Before stepping Foot into the Land of the Rising Sun, Let’s take a Look at some of Japan’s Myths
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 46 views
Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. With a name like that, you can sure bet on a country filled with mysticism and legends.

Almost nothing can be deemed as Important & Sacred in Southeast Asia as the White Elephant
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 68 views
Ever seen a white elephant in the wild? Thought so. These rare animals were and still are highly revered, bringing luck and prosperity to the monarch and the kingdom.

Join in Saigon’s Frantic Pace & Enjoy the Ride; a Journey Filled with History, Culture & Modernity
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 53 views
Join in with the locals for a frantic ride through Saigon. The city is colorful and varied, more than enough to keep you going through the hustle and bustle of the city.

Experience Bangkok inside & outside of the Sprawling City; the way the City should be experienced
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 63 views
Along with experiencing the Bangkok we have heard of, get to know the Bangkok few know about. Canal-side villages, hidden temples and culinary journeys are awaiting.

Welcome to Phuket, an Island so Varied that it Warrants Ten Unique Day Trips from Exotissimo
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 78 views
Discover the variety that awaits you in Phuket. Jump into one of our many day trips in the island and treat yourself to a truly memorable tropical island holiday.

Absorb the Prestige and Heritage of the country with ample time for Relaxation at Central Vietnam
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 72 views
Central Vietnam - your destination for culture, heritage and nature. Scenic ruins, mountains, imperial history, colonial structures; it's all to be experienced here.

There are tons to do and Lots to See & Experience in Bali; We’ll help you Sort out your Itinerary
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 68 views
Bali's such a diverse island that it is sometimes difficult to find out where to go and what to do. No worries, we'll break down some of its main attractions.

See how Thais Show their Love and Care to their Mothers on August 12th 2011
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 63 views
August 12th is a very special day in Thailand. Not only is it the Queen's birthday, Thais all over will take this day to show their unconditional love to their moms.

When is the best time to visit Southeast Asia?
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 78 views
You've decided to come to Southeast Asia for your vacation. Great choice! But when? Low season or high? We have some answers for you.

Like Finding a Needle in a Haystack, You’ll be Elated once you have Spotted the Irrawaddy Dolphin
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 92 views
Want to join an exclusive company? Head over to the Mekong or the Irrawaddy in your attempt to catch a glimpse of the Irrawaddy Dolphin. Get your camera ready and handy!

Temple touring in Angkor – Where to go and what to see?
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 67 views
Angkor is without a doubt one of the most magical places in Cambodia. There's tons to see and explore. So, where to go? We'll give you the info on the can't misses.

Colonial Flavor, Buddhist Influences, Pagodas, Lakes and Oriental Charm; it just has to be Yangon
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 75 views
Put on your walking shoes & explore Yangon in depth. From its colonial charm, pagodas, parks, lakes & lively ambiance, there's no better way to explore Yangon in depth.

A Country as Large & Vast as Indonesia is Guaranteed to have its Fair Share of Untouched Paradises
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 81 views
What's out there beyond the paradise of Bali? Even more paradises! Most of them are less-visited and untouched, guaranteeing a pristine and authentic experience.

Welcome to Unknown Isaan, your Vast Playground to a Forgotten Region of Thailand
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 61 views
Looking to add variety to your temple and beach rich Thai journey? Perhaps a trip to unknown Isaan in the northeast is exactly what you are looking for.

You’ll Fall in Love with Cambodia and be Amazed at the Country’s Rural Atmosphere
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 51 views
You should not miss out on Cambodia's temples and beaches. You should also explore its vast rural countryside areas. Life is slow paces and the environment is scenic.

Experience Myanmar, a Country Quite unlike any Place you know about
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 76 views
Looking for a unique traveling experience? Try Myanmar, visited by only 790,000 people last year. You will surely enjoy this untouched land and be a traveling pioneer.

Which Southern Island Should you Stay in while on your Thailand Vacation?
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 80 views
So, you've completed your Thailand trip. Now you need an island stay to recap your experience here. Which southern tropical paradise is the right one for you?

What to do with a Couple of Weeks Off, A one Country or Multiple Country Southeast Asian Trip?
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 103 views
You've decided to come to Southeast Asia, but there's a dilemma? Should you travel within one country or go multiple? That all depends on the circumstances.

All Aboard the Yangon Circular Train; Giving you Unparalleled Experiences of Burma’s Capital
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 97 views
What better way to get a recap of Yangon than by riding the city's circular train? You'll absorb everything about the city through its people and their daily lives.

Learn how to Use Shadows to your Advantage by Learning about Indonesia’s Wayang Kulit
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 97 views
This tour gives guests insight to one of Indonesia's oldest traditions, shadow puppetry. Guests will create a marionette, watch a show and perform all in one day trip.

Adventure & Knowledge are your Companions as you Embark on an Akha Experience in Northern Laos
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 82 views
Mixing adventure with knowledge and experience, the tour brings guests right into the Akha way of life by visiting different villages via treks through Northern Laos.

Before Moving in, Make sure your New Home is thoroughly blessed and ridded of Evil Spirits
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 60 views
Part of the moving in process, most houses in Thailand will be blessed. It is a safe bet that the Thai home you will visit has been thoroughly blessed by monks.

Blue, Green & Brown; the Colors of Nature, the Colors of Kuang Si Falls; This is Nature at its Best
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 60 views
One of Lao's finest natural sites, Kuang Si Falls is a must visit for those in Luang Prabang. Close to the UNESCO town, it offers swims, hikes & wonderful picnic spots.

Grab that Sticky Rice, Roll it into a Ball and enjoy this Delicious Southeast Asian Staple Food
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 77 views
Coming to Laos and/or Thailand? You certainly cannot avoid sticky rice. Pick a chunk, stick it, roll it and eat it with your favorite foods. You'll love it!

Pick between an ATV and an Off-Road Buggy for your Memorable Bali Adventure
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 67 views
Exploring Bali's jungle interior can be fun, especially with an off-road ATV or buggy vehicle at hand. Ride through jungles, farms, rice fields and villages.

Animism, Hinduism and Buddhism exist in Perfect Harmony at the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 69 views
Located in downtown Bangkok, the Erawan Shrine is one of the most revered spots in the city. The shrine is well-known for its lively activities in and around it.

Temples, temples and more temples; Relive the Khmer Legacy and Embrace these Relics at Angkor
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 77 views
Some of the world's most impressive temples are at Angkor. Here, relics are preserved in fine states of repair and come in various sizes, forms and even colors.

The Nguyen Dynasty is Alive and Well at the Imperial Capital of Hue
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 74 views
Step into a world of imperial mysticism that can only be experienced at Hue. Imagine flowing along the Perfume River to meet former great Vietnamese leaders.

Discover Hanoi through its People and Discover a City Rich in Character, Flair and Culture
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 72 views
To truly discover Hanoi, one has to step out of the main downtown sites and experience the people, from countryside villages, art shops and temples.

Dive in! The Waters are Warm and the Marine Life is Awesome down here in the Andaman Sea
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 69 views
Looking for a beautiful, colorful scenic and memorable dive? Look no further than the Andaman Sea, home to beautiful corals, colorful marine life & unforgettable scenes.

Gallop and Pedal Cambodia’s Soothing, Warm and Pristine Countryside, just outside of Siem Reap
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 62 views
Most visitors come to Siem Reap and stop at the temples at Angkor. Many fail to experience the verdant and scenic countryside just outside of the city.

Looking for Beauty, Soft Skin or a Cure for your Acne Problem? Thanaka is the Answer
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 122 views
Ever wonder what those yellow marking on Burmese's faces are? It is thanaka, the source of their good, smooth acne-less skin.

Where do Southeast Asia’s Bird’s Eye Chili Rank in the Spiciness Scale?
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 87 views
Your Southeast Asia experience is deemed incomplete without try its cuisine. Which means you will have a date or two with the famous bird's eye chili. Dare to try?

A Mix of Adventure and Knowledge; Get to know the Karen in Northern Thailand’s Verdant Scenery
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 90 views
Northern Thailand is a haven for adventurers and those seeking the exotic. The renowned Karen hilltribe, have amazed many with their culture and unchanged simple living.

Pedal across Mandalay’s Back Roads, Villages, and Scenic Climbs for a Unique Burmese Experience
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 84 views
Go beyond her temples, pagodas and stupas and explore a Mandalay few get to see. Hop on your bike and pedal the back roads to villages, scenic views and more.

Enjoy the Zesty Taste of Southeast Asian Vendor Food amidst the Bustle of the Side Street
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 95 views
Brave the sweltering heat and endure the sharp spice; enjoy the authentic experience of Southeast Asian street food. Absorb the cuisine, atmosphere and environment.

Head out of Jogjakarta, be Treated to Rare Sand Dunes & the Classical Tropical Beach Experience
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 78 views
Venture out of Jogjakarta and explore pure Javanese sites and experiences. Included are rare sand dunes, spiritual caves, scenic beaches and fine local seafood.

Relive the Former Glory of Thailand at its Old Capital Today at Sukhothai
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 109 views
One of Thailand's proudest eras, the Sukhothai Kingdom provides us with many of its, greatest treasures. Temples, Buddha statues and pagodas are to be seen here.

Traverse the Heart of Myanmar & Discover a Truly Fascinating & Memorable Series of Experiences
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 103 views
Mandalay and Bagan, two very important cities in Myanmar. Filled with impressive temples and structures, these two, and everything in between are not to be missed.

Discover the New Meaning of Laid Back via a Wat Phou Cruise in Southern Laos
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 87 views
Take a leisurely cruise along the Mekong in Southern Laos. First, marvel at the ancient Khmer ruins of Wat Phou then relax at the soothing environment of Siphandon.

The Bamboo Train – The Fast and Reliable Train Service in Battambang
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 83 views
A trip to Battambang is deemed incomplete without a ride on the bamboo train. Also known as the norry, these makeshift trains offer a fast and reliable service.

What to Pack for your Memorable Trip to Southeast Asia
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 95 views
Warm, tropical and exotic, Southeast Asia is a magnet for travelers all over. And you've made the decision to come here! Good choice. So, what should you bring?

Get a Bike Side Seat of Myanmar as you Pedal & Discover the Country from Mandalay to Bagan & Inle
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 69 views
Explore the vast unknown of Myanmar via a cycling trip from Mandalay to Bagan. Along the way, experience the green scenery of tropical forests and villages.

Experience Cambodia, some of Hollywood’s best scenarios for Films you may have seen before
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 72 views
Cambodia makes for a perfect setting and story for a western film. Some of the most well-known have included Cambodia somehow, such as The Killing Fields & Tomb Raider.

Grab your Clubs and Swing for the Cup as you head to Dalat for some Golf in the Central Highlands
Travel - By Exotissimo Travel, 71 views
Characterized by cool weather and a hilly scenery, golfing in Dalat is a memorable experience. The Dalat Palace Golf Club is also one of the most beautiful out there.

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