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Try a Successful Web Development Methodology

The symptoms like projects going over-time and facing particular issues indicate that things are going wrong.

By: Jesse Zargosky
Category: Computers:Software
Posted: May 01, 2012
Updated: May 01, 2012
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It’s important to follow a standardized approach to Web development.

Dangerous Symptoms

The symptoms like projects going over-time and facing particular issues indicate that things are going wrong.

Adopt, Adapt or Build Your Own

There are three paths to choose from:

  • Adopt an existing methodology
  • Adapt from an existing methodology
  • Build our own methodology

Evaluation Criteria :

Decide on the criteria by which you would evaluate like: 

Complexity: Must be easy to understand yet should offer sufficient depth for guiding developers for custom web development

Size: A 10-page summary is better compared to 100 page document

Cost: The less money it required, the better it is

Risk: The methodology must not go wrong

Pragmatic: The solution must work, should not be based on theory

Methodologies Evaluated

Rational Unified Process

It has problems like:

  • Large, complex and sophisticated
  • Comprehensive but confusing
  • High cost

Process Monitor: It was more compact than RUP. It’s basically a Website with a series of steps, forms and templates that could be used to run a project.

In-House Methodologies: In-house methodologies borrowed from another organization, also don’t work in custom wed development.

Traditional Methodologies: They involved longer time frames and failed to consider “soft” aspects of software development.

Agile Methodologies: Feature Driven Development (FDD) in agile methodology was well suited to Web development but requires some fine tuning.

An Overview of FDD

  • Process 1: Develop an Overall Model
  • Process 2: Build a Features List
  • Process 3: Planning
  • Process 4: Design by Feature
  • Process 5: Build by Feature

Why Apply FDD to Web Development?

The plus points of FDD were:

  • Excellent reporting and planning
  • Disciplined and clear
  • Customer-focused
  • Risk reduction

How to Manage the Transition?

Manage the transition by:

  • Defining projects using features
  • Planning development based on features
  • Implementing new team structure, design and code reviews
  • Conducting weekly project status meetings

FDD for Small Teams

There are two main aspects of FDD for small projects:

  • Defining the project in features
  • Tracking the project by features

FDD Overview for Web Development

The following is a high-level overview of FDD followed in Web Development (India):

  • Project Overview
  • Organization Purpose
  • Project Purpose
  • Project Objectives
  • Project Scope
  • Target Market
  • Content
  • Information Architecture
  • Information Design
  • Functionality
  • Project Management
  • Daily Wraps
  • Progress Reports
  • Project Website


FDD is good for Web development but does not have the complete answer.

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