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Why to Choose Drupal for Building Business Websites?

Drupal is a powerful platform for building websites that comes with many useful and extensible features and functionalities. The reasons why enterprises prefers Drupal for building corporate websites are discussed here.

By: Softweb Solutions
Category: Technology
: Drupal
Posted: Mar 09, 2012
Updated: Mar 09, 2012
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When it comes to business website there are many options available in the market. Drupal is a Content Management System where you can edit any content without having much knowledge about HTML or any web programming. As Drupal is an open source, the code used can be copied, modified, and shared with others.

Some of the positives of Drupal that makes it a first priority for businesses to select it are –
- Extensive Theming Capability – With Drupal it is possible that you can theme the website as a whole or by content types, regions, blocks, or even fields. This means it is possible that you can layout and style up any part of the website as you desire.
- Modularity – Drupal offers modularity which is an excellent solution for a business website. This means you can add blog to the website if you want by just enabling the module, if you want forum or if you want to add e-commerce capabilities or anything else, it can be done by enabling the modules. Redevelopment of the website is not required for adding anything.
- Content Construction Kit – With this kit, Drupal offers the ability to easily create content types that does exactly what you want. This is very helpful and by coupling it with Views, the possibilities for creating and displaying content are endless.
- Great support Community – Drupal Community is considered as one of the best communities amongst all open sources. Usually queries can be raised in the forum posts that are answered in an hour or even less. Moreover, Drupal developers are too passionate and so they keep on contributing modules that are well designed in the community which are all available for free.
- Enterprise-class CMS – The main six factors that makes Drupal an enterprise-class CMS are – System scalability, system reliability, system manageability, interoperability, system security and availability of quality resources.

Drupal has emerged more as the professional or corporate platform. Drupal allows users to manipulate the menus through the administration interface that is what appears in each menu and where those menus will appear can be changed by users easily.

Drupal is a modern and advance open source content publishing system that maximum organizations require nowadays for their business and management needs. Many enterprises use Drupal platform for their corporate websites. Some of them are –, The Senate, The Onion, McDonalds, General Motors, and many more.

All the features and functionalities required at the time of building a website, is present within one framework – Drupal. Additionally, it provides flexibility to adapt features, functionality and design required at the time of changes in the business requirements that emerge over the time.

For customized Drupal applications or Drupal web solutions, contact us at The solutions delivered by us are flexible and scalable with latest themes and attractive designs.

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