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Spiral Chute With Skate, Spiral Classifier and Spiral Chute for sale

Fiberglass spiral chute is usually applied in these areas, Airport baggage handling,Distribution, centers,Factories,Package handling,Postal/Mail centers.

By: tony sbm wang
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Posted: Feb 27, 2012
Updated: Feb 27, 2012
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Cathay Spiral Chute The Applications of Fiberglass Spiral Chute

Fiberglass spiral chute is usually applied in these areas, Airport baggage handling,Distribution, centers,Factories,Package handling,Postal/Mail centers.Spiral Chute have exported to America, Italy, Turkey , Australia , Singpore, Indonesia, Vietnam , Iran, India, Chile, Venezuela, Libya, Angola, Kenya, South Africa, Pakistan , Yeman, Eygpt, Nigeria, Tajikistan , Saudi Arabia , Zimbabwe, Dubai, Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil and so on.

STS Spiral Tote Slide

The STS Spiral Tote Slide from Portec is an economical way of lowering plastic tote boxes and hammer crusher for sale. Each STS Spiral Slide is specifically designed to accommodate the size and sliding characteristics of a particular plastic tote box. It is the perfect solution for applications with a continuous flow of a standardized plastic tote. The design ensures a controlled descent and the optional exit swoop ensures a smooth transition to the adjoining conveyor.

Spiral Chute With Skate

An efficient and effective design that utilizes gravity and skatewheels to move trays from one level to another. Each module has a flat bottom with vertical sides to contain the trays/totes and assist in maintaining tray/tote orientation. Product descent is controlled through the unique spiral design. It is constructed out of durable hand-laid fiberglass and is an inexpensive alternative to conventional equipment.

Technical Specifications

General DescriptionThe CM-27 with skate wheels is a spiral chute consists of reinforced 90° fiberglass modules assembled to a center pole support. Each module is attached to the square center pole with Primary crusher a steel arm. Trays/tote boxes are fed into the chute at the top and are gravity fed down to the bottom. It is possible to utilize a swoop module at the end for transitioning the tray/tote box to a horizontal take-away conveyor. An efficient and effective design that utilizes skatewheels to move trays from one level to another. Each module has a flat bottom with vertical sides to contain the trays/totes and assist in maintaining tray/tote orientation.

General Dimensions

1)1499 mm overall diameter of chute excluding the outside enclosure;

2)Elevation drop-in per 90° is 260.35mm;

3)Width between sidewalls of 90° profile is 457 mm.


1. Fiberglass pieces are produced using the “hand lay-up” technique for stiffness, strength, toughness and uniformity of thickness. “Chopper-gun” method of construction is not acceptable.

2. The fiberglass reinforcement has laminations (layers) of fiberglass consisting of 4 layers of 42.62 ml glassmat, 2 layers of 682 ml. woven, and 1 layer of glassmat strip on bolt flanges.SurfaceThe gel coat shell has a highly abrasion resistant filler and an ultraviolet stabilizer. AppearanceTo present a uniform appearance, the painting of underside of chute is available.


Cathay Spiral Classifier Spiral Classifier Introduction to Spiral Classifier

Our spiral classifier as primary crushing are designed to provide the most effective pool area and overflow velocity requirements. By combining the proper submergence of the spiral with one of the tank designs a choice of 63 combinations is possible in Straight, Modified or Full flare tank designs. The proper combination of pool depth, area and spiral construction is important to secure a controlled turbulence in the slurry flow for accurate size separation.

Mineral processing is a major division in the science of Extractive Metallurgy. Extractive metallurgy has been defined as the science and art of extracting metals from their ores, refining them and preparing them for use. Within extractive metallurgy, the major divisions in the order they may most commonly occur are, Mineral Processing (or Beneficiation), Hydrometallurgy, Pyrometallurgy, and Electrometallurgy. The last steps in the winning of metals are in Physical Metallurgy where the composition and treatment of metals are varied to provide desired physical and mechanical properties.

This spiral classifier can filter materials and send coarse materials to the feeding mouth and discharge fine materials from the pipe. The seat of the machine features channel steel material, while the body is armor plated and the spiral axle is made of cast iron for durability. The machines lifting equipment can be used manually or electronically.

Spiral and Rake Classifiers

Mechanical classifiers and VSI Crusher for sale such as the spiral and rake classifiers work in a similar fashion in that both drag sediment and sand along the bottom of an inclined surface to a higher discharge point on one end of the settling chamber. The primary difference in the two systems is the mechanism by which the settled material is moved up the inclined surface (see figure 11). Spiral classifiers are generally preferred as material does not slide backwards which occurs in rake classifiers when the rakes are lifted between strokes. This also allows spiral classifiers to operate at steeper inclines producing a drier product. The spiral classifier also produces less turbulence in the settling pool allowing for separation of finer material.

Washing:The sand is feeding into the sediment pool from the feeding box, acting by rotating screw blade, the sand is turning and rolling and grinding each other to eliminate impurity and water-air layer around sand to facilitate de-water. The fresh eater rising current from the porous plate carry foreign matter to water surface and overflow the weir plate, to finish washing processing De-watering: The sand with bigger density is sunken down to tub bottom, the screw blade pushes this sand upwards, when passing through upper tub of proper length above water level, the water is draining into sediment pool from another drainage ditch, the de-watered sand is out from the discharging opening.

Spiral Classifier in Mineral Processing

In mineral processing, a number of unit operations are required to prepare and classify ores before the valuable constituents can be separated or concentrated and then forwarded on for use or further treatment. The field of mineral processing has also been given other titles such as mineral dressing, ore dressing, mineral extraction, mineral beneficiation, and mineral engineering. These terms are often used interchangeably.

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