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Top 5 Opportunities and Challenges of Apple 2012

If you are a fan of Apple, if you love Apple's high-tech products, then you should pay more attention to its news and information.

By: bobby mo mo
Category: Computers:Software
Posted: Dec 19, 2011
Updated: Dec 19, 2011
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People who understand and care about technology should know that Apple's business is booming in the past few years, but the next year’s performance may decline after losing the great visionary leader Steve Jobs. iPhone 5 may gradually mature in the future, and the introduction of lower-power 4G chipset, but it is hard to appear breakthrough products like iPhone, iPad or MacBook Air. You can easily know that free ipad to mac transfer is specially designed for mac users, it can fast transfer your music between iPad and mac. However, not all Apple’s outlook is bleak. The situation of Apple's opponents is also very poor and may be more severe decline in performance in the coming year. Therefore, iPad may still take dominance on the tablet PC market. Many people take attention to free ipad video converter, it is a smart choice. Here are five opportunities and challenges Apple will face in 2012: 1. Apple's enterprise strategy starts to operate CIO was anticipating after apple new CEO Timm - Cook takes office, can become temperate, profession analyst Luo uncle - graciousness Deleur (Rob Enderle) indicated that in the past, the apple did not take the enterprise users is to a great extent because Qiaobusi thought that Manager IT were an idiot, but Cook to the enterprise the manner was very temperate, he estimated that the apple will accept the enterprise user strategy finally. 2. Apple can launch the influence new product? At present, all person's judgment will gather on next year's iPhone5, Cook will apparent not greatly possible to look like Qiaobusi such to be able to promote looks like iPhone and the iPad such remarkable product, because he will not excel at this aspect. Under the past (John Sculley) and in the Gill - Arab League plum Austria (Gil Amelio) led in John - Schooley, the apple operation was very chaotic, means that the service operation manager family background the leadership was possibly unable to manage the apple well. Why then Cook will be elected for apple CEO? Graciousness Deleur indicated that the reason that Cook the election was because Qiaobusi thought itself, once were restored to health to be possible to sit CEO the seat. The result they elected mistakenly the leader, at present apple faced with two choices; first, redefined the company regarding Cook to carry on the reform, made up the Cook ability the insufficiency; second, found one to be able to replace Qiaobusi truly the leader. Otherwise the company will fall into the situation which will slide, will not match the extension along with the technology, will slide to the speed to be able to be getting quicker and quicker. 3. Management confusion Before, along with the Qiaobusi condition's worsening, returned to the post the hope to be already uncertain. Apple Company's some high level talents start to leave the company, for example retail business manager Luo abundant - Johnson (Rob Johnson) and global marketing vice-president Egyptian Rison - Johnson (Alison Johnson). Graciousness Deleur estimated that this tendency will still continue next year. 4. The competitor could not have caught up with the apple Regardless of apple whether to experience these questions, some matter is affirmative, the apple matches will not be able to seize this opportunity. Although next year apple will be possibly rough, but his competitors possibly will drop down. To apple in plate computer market hegemonic position biggest challenge from Amazon newest promoted Kindle Fire. However, Kindle Fire will like the HP TouchPad as escape? 5. Android will receive the security problem the influence? Profited in many handset manufacturer support, the Android platform handset this year's sales volume has surpassed apple iPhone, but Android system possibly will appear some troublesome next year. Graciousness Deleur indicated that Android has the serious security problem, this caused the person association the late-1990s's Microsoft. Will possibly cause the disastrous event to occur, the Android platform also thoroughly played. The google needs to absorb Microsoft's learning from another's mistakes, supports the Android platform powerfully. Otherwise Android will be miserable, but it is undoubtedly good news for Apple. You can capture pictures by clicking the snapshot button while previewing the movie by using dvd ripper for mac. If you are a fan of Apple, if you love Apple's high-tech products, then you should pay more attention to its news and information. Perhaps one day, Apple will make a huge change. We must firmly believe that it will go better and better, to give people more benefits and convenience.

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