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Persevere In Marketing With Cheap Catalogs

key elements that you will want to focus on to improve your color catalogs and help them persevere even with tough competition

By: Lynne Saarte
Category: Marketing:Advertising
Posted: Dec 17, 2011
Updated: Dec 17, 2011
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Cheap catalogs are not a crutch in your marketing efforts. If you are serious enough with your marketing, you can use these low cost catalogs effectively to gain amazing sales for you. All you really need to do is to improve some of the key elements in your catalogs that do not require you to spend more on it.

Below, you will find a list of such key elements that you will want to focus on to improve your color catalogs and help them persevere even with tough competition. All you have to do is follow these tips and your cheap catalogs can have a fair chance in marketing even with a tough environment.

1. Print smaller to get more pieces.

If tough competition is weighing you down and you cannot really spend too much more, you might want to actually print smaller pieces of your catalogs. This does not mean defeat of course. This just means more pieces for you for the same price.

With greater numbers, you can re-tool your distribution to reach more people through these catalog prints. Even if they are cheap, if you can make them reach 20-50% more people, you will increase your competitive factor by the same amount. So why not print smaller? Size does not matter as long as you have the right content and of course you can give your message to the most number or people.

2. Have great inviting slogans.

A free way to improve your catalogs and make them be more competitive with others is to simply have greater and more inviting slogans. More specifically, your slogans must go directly to the heart of readers, getting them interested and responding quickly to your content.

This is easier said than done of course, but if you are a good writer or have hired help this can be your key to cheap but more competitive catalogs. All you have to do really is study your market and determine which words and issues they always respond to best. Relate that to your marketing message and you should have the best responsive slogans to help you succeed.

3. Give all the essential information.

Some catalogs fail because they do not give all the essential information to readers. In fact, they might just be too positive and too full of praises for their content that people actually do not trust them anymore. You must avoid this form happening by always giving the key information to your readers.

While you can emphasize your positive sides in terms of the product or service, do not be afraid to at least list down the full details and specifications even if they are not impressive as other prints. By giving everything, people can judge more accurately, and in fact will trust the product more since they know all the strengths and limitations through the catalog itself. So give you all the information, this should give real value to your catalogs.

4. Give multiple chances to respond.

The more chances or methods to respond to your catalogs, the more you can get sales and responses. So for each order page, do not forget to give people all the options possible. In this way, they can choose the most convenient thing for them and work with their catalogs more effectively. This helps you get more sales and responses usually, so never forget this concept.

5. Do targeted and timed distribution.

Lastly, you should try out going for targeted and timed distribution. This means giving your catalogs to the best audiences first and timing it so that they are most amiable to respond.

This requires more research of course, but ig you know the key locations of your target market, then you can just time the distribution so that they are the most responsive on that day. This helps you go to the point of your problem with catalogs, maximizing each piece more effective and more worth the paper it is printed on.

With all these tricks, you should be able to persevere enough and even beat the other more expensive catalogs out there.

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