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Cheap Booklets That Work With Expensive Competition

key practices to let your cheap booklets go toe to toe with more expensive and tougher looking marketing counterparts

By: Lynne Saarte
Category: Marketing:Advertising
Posted: Dec 15, 2011
Updated: Dec 15, 2011
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When marketing booklets face tough and expensive looking competition, most marketers think they will also have to spend more for their own booklets. What if I tell you though that you can actually make cheap booklets work and work well even against tough and expensive competition?

That is correct! You can use a couple if key practices to let your cheap booklets go toe to toe with other more expensive and tougher looking marketing counterparts. The main points have been listed down below for you so that you can also do this for your own custom booklets.

1. Give something unique and of value.

Originality is free really. All you need is creativity and imagination. If you can “out-imagine” and “out-create” the completion, it does not matter if they have more expensive marketing booklets. You will be more competitive and you will get more readers just because you give people something fresh and of value.

So do not give them the same old marketing spiel. Entertain them. Interest them. Make them experience something new with your booklets. With more unique content, you can beat any expensive marketing booklet with your own cheap ones.

2. Be everywhere if possible.

Did you know that one of the keys to marketing is overwhelming presence? Even if you do not have the strongest selling proposition or the most unique design, if your marketing booklets are everywhere, you still have a great chance of actually beat other more intimidating kinds of prints.

This happens because simply, if people are seeing your booklets everywhere, and for a prolonged period, they will eventually give in and just try to see what it is all about. Since it looks popular and is everywhere, they will be interested to at least read those marketing booklets. So, since they are cheap, you can well afford getting your booklets in almost every key marketing location in your area.

3. Write a very inviting headline.

Another free way to improve the performance of your cheap marketing booklets and beat the competition is to write a very inviting headline. It might sound simple, but the trick here is that the headline should be well researched, tested and targeted towards the key demographic market that the booklets should aim for.

This means basically that the headline should not just sound interesting, it should have the right key words, and the right tone and style that gets the best and most responsive of audiences to actually answer and respond to the booklet. It will be hard work of course, with lots of research involved, but if you do it all yourself, it will cost next to nothing, but it will give you a high chance of getting more successful booklets through these more primed and optimized headlines.

4. Always have high quality content.

People can sense quality, even in a cheap booklet. If you can get your spelling and grammar spotless, with images that look very clean, clear and well balanced, then you should have a good booklet that can work well against other more expensive marketing prints. This is because quality stands out, and if people sense that well made genuine quality in your booklets, they will trust it more and of course respond to it more readily.

5. Compose good, compelling calls to action.

Lastly, a cheap booklet can beat more expensive prints if it has a good compelling call to action. The call to action is your invitation to actually buy, inquire or have people visit your product or service. Whatever kind of marketing goal you are aiming for, this invitation is where you get the readers to get involved and act.

By composing really compelling types of calls to action that people cannot ignore, you can assure good responses from your prints even if they are cheaply made. It is all again done with the right writing and research. So be smart and write something really great.

Now, you have the framework to beat those more expensive booklets even with your cheaper setup. This works well if you are serious about it, so review the tips above and try to implement them.

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