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Overview Of The Tablet Acer Iconia Tab A500 OS-based Android 3.0

The expansion of tablets on the market continues, and every month on store shelves get more and more interesting models.

By: sem cherry ec
Category: Computers:Hardware
Posted: Dec 12, 2011
Updated: Dec 12, 2011
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The expansion of tablets on the market continues, and every month on store shelves get more and more interesting models. One of the most promising new products is the tablet Acer Iconia Tab A500, running an operating system Google Android 3.0.

The first thing that makes pay attention to it - actually, the operating system Android 3.x: most current flatbed operating system in 2011! The second - and by no means least - attractive price. Thus, Acer Iconia Tab A500 for less cost than the iPad 2, and at the same level with the first iPad. But there are comparable features Iconia Tab tablet and Apple? Note that the tablet Acer Iconia Tab A500 we tested running Android 3.0, and is currently available to upgrade to version 3.1.

Externally, Acer Iconia Tab A500 produces very good impression. Finally, the producers realized tablets that do not make clones iPad - need to invent their own, individual design. Acer has this personality is. The enclosure has rounded top and bottom edges, slightly rounded corners and all devices. These faces, as well as the entire rear surface made of metal, painted in a bronze color. In the center of the back cover logo emblazoned Acer.

Bottom near the left and right corners are the dynamics near the upper right corner - the camera and flash. The top of the device we can see: volume rocker key, the lock lever change the screen orientation, and slot for microSD, hidden under the lid unnecessarily long. The right side posted The following connectors : Power, Micro-USB and full port, USB, as well as the Reset. Bottom - just dock connector to the left - Micro-HDMI, a standard headphone jack and on / off button.

10.1-inch screen with 1280 × 800 - one of the main advantages of the tablet Acer. Some sources claim that the matrix is ​​MVA, and it can be believed: the color saturation and viewing angles are very good. Tilting the tablet on all sides, we did not see significant color distortion, but the dell Latitude E5420 battery was removed bright colorful picture. In general, from having visited us on test plates - the Acer is one of the best screens. Responsiveness also did not cause any complaints.

The only disadvantage of the screen - not a large supply of brightness. To ensure a comfortable level of brightness when using the tablet in the room, I had to set the brightness to near maximum. It is clear that the sun will not be enough. And, again, all people have different preferences - some people may seem that when using the dell Latitude E5520 battery in the room gives a vivid enough picture.

With autonomous operation in the device, things average. Thus, the video playback in standard definition tablet worked for about five hours. In active use, which includes the study of the interface, web browsing, a number of 3D-games, etc., the dell Latitude E6320 battery is "lived" in the region of six hours. Clearly, if our purpose is only to read or just surfing the web, the result will be significantly better. If, however, without a break, "cut" in 3D-games, while still not turning off Wi-Fi, on the contrary, the tablet will work on a single charge even less.

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