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The Reasons For Printing Cheap Catalogs

this list below is worth reading first before you commit to those expensive catalog prints

By: Lynne Saarte
Category: Marketing:Advertising
Posted: Dec 05, 2011
Updated: Dec 05, 2011
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While many people are giving reasons for you to print the best and most expensive looking catalogs out there, in this article, we will discuss why you should not do that and instead print cheap catalogs. There is of course merit in printing expensive catalogs, especially for marketing, but you should realize that there are equally compelling reasons why cheap is better, especially in the current market environment. Go through the brief list below, and you should see why it might be practical for you now to print cheaper custom catalogs. Believe me, this list is worth reading first before you commit to those expensive catalog prints.

1. It is just cheaper.

First, let us get the main reason out of the way. The best feature of cheap catalogs is of course the cheap cost. For many marketers and businessmen this is the only real reason that will convince them to go with less than ideal conditions for their print catalogs.

In fact, in the current uncertain economy, it is actually prudent for many to save on costs when they can even if it means going cheap with their catalogs. Every penny counts, and going cheap for catalogs will save you on some marketing costs definitely.

2. You can still get good even better results.

Now, the big worry for many people when we say cheap catalogs is the loss of results. They think that with lower quality cheap catalogs, you also get catalogs that hardly get results and sales from readers. This is not the case. In fact, you can even get better results with your cheap catalogs if you really want to. The success of a catalog revolves around its content really.

If you can compose the right and engaging marketing content in your color catalogs, readers will hardly notice the paper and binding quality, they will just want to get that great marketing deal you are talking about. So believe me when I say that you still get great results with these kinds of catalogs even though they are cheap.

3. They are easier to make.

Cheap catalogs are typically easier to make. This is good news for those people who do not have too much experience designing color catalogs. The fact is, cheap catalogs are cheap because they also lack customization. Most cheap catalogs are template jobs that only have custom content and images depending on who is developing the design of course.

So you can easily create your own cheap catalog designs by just using a standard catalog template and filing in your content. It is that simple and there are no fancy things involved for the printing process. So if you want convenience and quickness in designing catalogs, cheap ones will give you what you want.

4. You can print a lot more.

The fact that catalogs are cheap, means that overall you can print a lot more copies of those catalogs for the same amount of money that you will use for standard and expensive catalog printing.

In terms of marketing, it will be a good idea of course to stick with the cheaper version since you can get a lot more pieces of catalogs to the market, hence a lot more opportunities for success in marketing. This is all possible because you adjusted your budget for cheaper color catalogs.

5. Applies to the larger market pie.

Finally, with cheaper catalogs, you can cost effectively cover the whole of your target market. As long as your content is sound, you can basically attract most of the lower and middle class target customers that you need, and even some of the more practical minded higher classes. No one is put off by decent standard cheap catalogs really, so it is a safe investment for marketing.

As you can see, there are many great reasons why you should print cheap catalogs. So do not be afraid, try it out.

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