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Why You Should Switch To Cheap Booklets

let me give you a few good reasons why you should actually switch to cheap booklets

By: Lynne Saarte
Category: Marketing:Advertising
Posted: Dec 01, 2011
Updated: Dec 01, 2011
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In most cases, developers of booklets, be it for commercial or personal purposes, prefer those expensive and highly impressive booklets over the cheap kind. In many ways, those expensive prints are of course far superior to cheap booklets. However, before you accept this concept as law, let me give you a few reasons why you should actually switch to cheap booklets. While clearly the inferior ones, there are good and practical reasons why many professionals actually go cheap with their custom booklets.

1. Fit for mass production.

You should have learned by now that in marketing with booklets, the more you have, the better. Having lots of specific kind of marketing print allows you to get lots more readers and positive responses to marketing messages. Well, in cheap booklet printing, you have that same specific situation.

Cheap booklets are of course primed for mass production. Since they are cheap to make, you can print a lot more of them for a less amount of money. You can print a lot of these color booklets easily and maximize your marketing efforts by getting as much of these prints to the market as possible. This is Pretty great for something really cheap.

2. Chance for more alternative distribution.

Since you can print a lot of those booklets, you also get the chance to distribute some of them using unconventional methods. With those extra pieces, you can experiment with other interesting distribution campaigns that can get you more opportunities for marketing, especially to potentially beneficial market demographics that were not available to you initially. So even though you sacrificed some quality in printing these cheaply, you can gain more readership simply because you have more of those booklets to give to more diverse locations.

3. Easy to setup and develop.

When you do print booklets, you will also expect to have an easy time with setting them up and developing them. Why? Well that is because cheap booklets do not need to much customization and any special treatment when it comes to the design itself.

A template and a simple linear layout with chapters and subheads is good enough. Anyone with simple computer experience can already figure out what to do really, so it is not a hassle to create them even for you. You will not even have to hire expensive “know it all” designers.

4. Practical for most projects or campaigns.

Of course, one of the primary selling points of cheap booklets is that it is pretty practical for most projects or campaigns. From big corporate projects to small business marketing campaigns, printing cheap booklets can fit the budget and of course achieve goals.

So whatever your business is, whoever you are, you can fit those cheap booklets easily for your efforts. You do not have to worry too much on the budget and on the performance of those prints as long as you are serious about developing them.

5. Cheap can work, and work well.

Finally, always remember that even if these booklets are cheap they will still work well. Booklet performance for marketing is primarily based on content. If you compose your content smartly with the right appeal to readers, even cheap color booklets can do amazing things and get results. So you can save money and still get results with cheap booklets if you are serious about them really.

So as you can see, there are real good and practical benefits to be gained if you invest in cheap booklets. It is not something you should shy away from. Test it out now.

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