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What Makes Blackberry Phones So Popular

BlackBerry phones made its debut in the year 2003 and from then on there was no looking back for this mobile, email and smartphone device.

By: debrah hoff
Category: Shopping
Posted: Nov 30, 2011
Updated: Nov 30, 2011
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BlackBerry phones made its debut in the year 2003 and from then on there was no looking back for this mobile, email and smartphone device. Developed and designed by the Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM) it instantly became a hit among the people. Its smooth and stylish appearance and its innovative features are something that is impossible to resist. Since with BlackBerry devices one can find multiple communications services in a single network, it is also a convergent device. For instance, BlackBerry devices act as personal digital assistants, portable media players, internet browsers, gaming devices, and much much more. BlackBerry devices are popularly known for their ability to send and receive (push) email and instant messages. Through its on-device message encryption, Blackberry phones are able to maintain a high level of security. For the smooth functioning of several input devices in BlackBerry such as the track wheel, track ball, and track pad, RIM has specifically designed a proprietary multitasking environment as the operating system. The BlackBerry devices has a proprietary BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), that help to send and receive encrypted instant messages, images, voice notes, and videos via BlackBerry PIN, which is nothing but an eight character hexadecimal identification number assigned to each device. The BBM includes features such as bar-code scanning, groups, shared calendars, lists, BBM Music and integration with apps and games using the BBM social platform. RIM has come up with different models of BlackBerry phones having different features such as BlackBerry Bold series, Curve series, Torch series, Storm series, Tour series and so on. The following are some of the features found in almost all models of BlackBerry phones. • Lightweight handset • The tracking software helps in easy tracking • Preloaded maps help to track down destinations easily • GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi connectivity • Inbuilt QWERTY keypad facilitates quick and easy texting and typing when compared to alphanumeric keypad • Most of the phones being 3G enabled facilitate faster data-transmission speeds, superior network capacity and more advanced network services • Transmission of data is two third lesser when compared to other smartphones • Being HTML and XHTML friendly, web surfing is simple and easy • Most phones have touchscreen • GSM mobile unlocking feature to enable global coverage • High resolution camera, Bluetooth, games, Radio, Music player, Multimedia features, and Media player BlackBerry phone is definitely a great device to own. As the festive season is round the corner, buy mobiles online in online shopping portalsand avail of a wide range of discounts and exciting offers on BlackBerry phones.

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