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Herbalife Woman's Choice Review | Not Just For Women

Herbalife Woman's Choice Review Not Just For Women finds added benefits for Alzheimer's, cardio vascular disease, Type II Diabetes and more!

By: Paula Salanitri
Category: Health
: Health:Weight-Loss
Posted: Oct 24, 2011
Updated: Oct 24, 2011
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Herbalife Woman's Choice Review | Not Just for Women

The Herbalife Woman's Choice review found that that the product is not just for women and does more than assist with the symptoms of menopause, something we need to tell you about! We found in our Herbalife Woman's Choice review research that the product could actually aid in preventing Type II Diabetes and that the ingredients have shown promise in dealing with Alzheimer's Disease, cardiovascular disease and more! Our research found that this product's unique proprietary blend is worth so much more than people realize. The product not only aids in menopausal support and providing comfort and well-being to women during monthly hormonal fluctuations and menopause, it also can aid in the treatment of Alzheimers disease, Type II Diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and more!

Herbalife Woman's Choice Review | What's Inside

The Herbalife's Woman's Choice review found that the product is essentially made up of soy, kudzu root and chasteberry. Soy is considered a form of complete protein and nutrition since it provides all of the essentialamino acids for human nutrition so it’s always best to choose products containing soy based formulas. The Herbalife Woman’s Choice review also found that the product contains chasteberry and kudzu root as well.

  • Chasteberry is a little known about fruit from Africa plant that is highly recommended in improving nutrition. It’s been credited with treating breast pain, PMS and it has known qualities for working with the pituitary gland and helping with a condition called polycystic ovaries.
  • Kudzu root is found in southern Japan and southeast China. It’s been around for years and is well known for its capability of curing the hangover. It’s used in Japan and China to treat alcoholics as it is known for taking away alcoholic cravings. More importantly, it contains isoflavones, including daidzein which is an anti-inflamatory agent and cancer preventive isoflavone. It's also used to treat migraine and cluster headaches, hypertension, tinnitus and vertigo. It’s most recently been showing promise in treating alzheimers disease and is well known in its ability to control Type II Diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
Herbalife Woman's Choice Review | Why Everyone Needs It

The Herbalife Woman's Choice review found that what you don't know is that with all of the benefits of the proprietary blend in this product it's not just for women! Sure if assists with hotflashes, sleepless nights and irritability which are all symptoms of the transition to menopause, Herbalife Woman's Choice Review | Menopause,Type II Diabetes, Alzheimer's Promise and More!but with the combination of soy and kudzu root and chasteberry what they've got here is a product that should be take by everyone to help prevent cancer, hypertension, Type II Diabeties, Alzheimer's Disease and more!

Any time you have the opportunity to learn about a product that can provide nutrition at a cellular level and prevent some of the toughest diseases we face today, take action! Research this product and read some of the testimonials from people who are using it. Research the effects that the Japanese and Chinese have found with the same ingredients in this product. When you've got a name like Herbalife with a track record of making only the BEST products from the finest ingredients you know that you are in good hands. During our research in compiling the Herbalife Woman's Choice review we found that even members of the Herbalife team themselves told us that although this product was originally created to assist women, men are adding this supplement to their daily diet and reaping the benefits as well providing them with the best defense against today's diseases.

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