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Islamic Education Give the Services In Foreign Countries

It is important for parents to get their child the best education possible and also the parents want this. Religious education is not that emphasized these days and it should be.

By: james hilton
Category: Education:Financial-Aid
Posted: Oct 12, 2011
Updated: Oct 12, 2011
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“Education is the cornerstone of civilization,” and this quote is the basis of many a heated debate. Education is a major concern at the individual and national level in any country in the world, but in the west, there is the additional factor of religion having to be factored into the education system.

Let us concentrate on the UK as an example and in particular on Manchester, in the north-west of England. There has been a link with religion and education for centuries as it was originally the church and its priests who were responsible for educating initially the clergy, followed by the nobility and then finally reaching the masses (starting with males). Hence a lot of the things taught had a Christian bias and it is felt by many that this bias continues even in the modern education system. Due to this many Muslim parents felt that separate Islamic schools were needed for the complete spiritual and intellectual education of their children.

A few years ago it was difficult to find such establishments as there were many problems facing anyone wishing to open Islamic schools e.g. lack of funding, opposition from mainstream schools and fear in the local community regarding the effects on the minds of children secluded from their peers. Even today there are many critics of “faith schools” and the main concern is that segregated schooling will cause long term problems, with whole generations of children growing up unable to integrate with people whose beliefs and way of life are totally alien to them.

Today parents throughout the major cities have the choice of sending their children to learn about Islam and how to live life according to Islamic values and practices, along with the national curriculum, and many of these Islamic schools in Manchester, a city known for its friendliness and community spirit. Communities play such a large role in societies that it is essential to develop the potential within the community to such an extent that each member feels valued and represented.

Community Training is has little investment but large rewards. It allows people to learn skills such as basic first aid, ESOL, short courses in childcare and business management, adult literacy and numeracy, and communication skills. It also provides a focus for local events and gives the youth something to channel their energies on, be it taking part in local sports and training, helping others such as the elderly and infirm or just somewhere they can hang out with their friends without getting into trouble.

Another part of Islamic learning is charity and Muslims are known to be generous and hospitable to both family and strangers. There are many Islamic Charities and Charitable Trusts in Manchester which have been set up by individuals and organizations to help provide community training at different levels, to try and create a sense of belonging and harmony within the local population, as well as teaching skills to enable interaction on a global level.

It is important for parents to get their child the best education possible and also the parents want this. Religious education is not that emphasized these days and it should be.

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