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Charities given by Islam and Community service

It is important for parents to get their child the best education possible and also the parents want this. Religious education is not that emphasized these days and it should be.

By: james hilton
Category: Education:Financial-Aid
Posted: Oct 04, 2011
Updated: Oct 04, 2011
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Charities are offered by everyone for one purpose and that is a cause, it can be for the betterment of mankind, some sort of aid, betterment of human life, and aid for starvation etc meaning in short it is offering help. Charities are conducted all over the world and everyone makes a certain donation to it by offering money, clothes or related items depending on for what cause it is. Like all these charities Muslims too offer charity in the name of religion. As it is a known fact that Islam is a religion of peace and believes in justice for all, Muslims are generally very generous donors.

It is also a religious compulsion to give charity at least once a year. They strive to provide relief where ever it is needed. Islamic Charities not only help monetarily but also provides medicine, clothes, transportation etc in case of a natural or manmade disaster. There have been alot of relief funds which have been setup to help the people by the Muslims but due to the bad situation these days it is hard to know that where the money you are donating is going to end up so you should always donate money to those people whom you trust and know about that they will utilize the money for a good cause.

It is important to have religious values and have knowledge about religion no matter where you are in the world. A lot of people had these complaints that due to being settled abroad they are unable to provide their children with religious values with which they were brought up and that the children had absolutely no understanding of their religious roots. To provide the parents with peace of minds there have been built various Islamic Schools in Manchester who provide religious education to the children and also give insight about it. These schools offer really educational courses which help the students in getting to know about religion and also help them to fully understand the purpose of their life and what is expected by them. They are provided with good moral upbringing and a view to tell right from wrong.

A community is group of people who share the same values, same culture, same religious thoughts etc. The people in a community stand together and help each other in the times of crisis and rejoice in the happiness of others. These people take care of the needs of the people in their community and they stand together be it for any cause. Communities are of various kinds and don’t have to be restricted at one point. Community training is given to the people who volunteer for it and want to provide their services for the society. They are given the basic know-how about easy things and are made capable to be able to do something to help their community flourish and progress and make it a better place.

It is important for parents to get their child the best education possible and also the parents want this. Religious education is not that emphasized these days and it should be.

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