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Islamic Education in Foreign Countries

It is important for parents to get their child the best education possible and also the parents want this. Religious education is not that emphasized these days and it should be.

By: james hilton
Category: Education:Financial-Aid
Posted: Sep 29, 2011
Updated: Sep 29, 2011
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In modern times, it is very obvious that the individuals don’t have much time to do anything except work. Parents are unable to spend quality time with children and likewise children are busy with their own activities. In a routine that is both hectic and demanding it is hard for parents to provide their children with quantity time so they stick to quality time. There was a time when the parents and children used to have family time which was a time when the minds of the children were groomed and they were taught about values and morality, in short parents made sure that their children were brought up in the right way.

It is not that parents neglect their children now but it has become hard to keep up with everything at once. Religious values have to be instilled in the minds of the kids to make sure that they understand it but this is a very difficult task as easy as it may sounds one has to be very careful while explaining religious norms and regulations. To make sure that this is done in a proper way Islamic schools have been started.

These schools help the children in understanding the religion and help them gain religious knowledge with the proper meaning of the thing. They give importance to religion and make sure that the child is picking things and is following what is being taught. These schools also help the children to understand what is the purpose of life and why should life be lived according to certain rules. They have been a huge help for parents who want their children to get good moral values and a religious upbringing.

Families who have shifted abroad or have been settled abroad face this problem a lot too. Because of the liberal surrounding and easy going attitude of the children the parents get worried about them and find ways to explain and educate their children about religion. But as it is of utmost importance it is important to have someone who completely understands religion and is not an extremist. Parents often cannot answer all the questions posed by a child so they need guidance too for making things clear for the child. This has worried the parents and they have been complaining about it for years but Islamic schools in Manchester have been like an answer to their prayers. A lot of parents have eagerly sent their children to these schools so that they understand religion and are able to make out what should be important and what they should be bothered about.

Community service has always been a noble task and it is considered a very kind act for someone to take out time and facilitate the entire community. All a person has to do is pass a community training test and he/she is eligible for the task. You do have to pick out what department you want to help otherwise it is easy.

It is important for parents to get their child the best education possible and also the parents want this. Religious education is not that emphasized these days and it should be.

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