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Fantabulous and Opulent Culture - Rajasthan tour

Make your Rajasthan tour more memorable and unforgettable by opting Bharatpur hotels and take the full advantage of the beautiful nature.

By: sudhanshu saini
Category: Travel
: Travel:Timeshare
Posted: Sep 28, 2011
Updated: Sep 28, 2011
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Rajasthan, the largest state of India, is one of the best tourism spots of Indian state. It is widely plaudit for its rich culture, tradition and glorious past. As it the biggest state of India it has many interesting travel destinations. And it is popular amongst travelers.

This royal and imperial state has a lot to oblate its visitors. During your Rajasthan Tours you have plenty of options to visit like magnificent monuments, invincible forts, elegant palaces, beautiful temples, splendid havelis, wildlife sanctuaries & national parks, desert, rippling sand dunes, historical cities, traditional villages, heritage & palace hotels, etc. Rajasthan is a combination of both deserts and hill stations that is mount Abu, which a traveler cannot find in whole India. During Tour to Rajasthan you can also find festivals, art, architecture, palaces, forts, castles and lots of adventures like camel safari & national parks, all this will be a wonderful experience and treat for adventure lovers.

The famous words “athithi devo bhava” which means “guests are gods” are still followed all over the state. The government, hotels, guides and even local treat there guests as god and always try to keep them satisfied and smiling. You will never find yourself lost or in strangers while you are on your Rajasthan tours. The colorful Rajasthan is also famous for its unusual shopping and Rajasthani cuisine. The Rajput elegance acts like a magnet to keep the Rajasthan hotels in demand every year.

Bharatpur is one of the most visited cities in Rajasthan. The interwoven charm of natural beauty makes it the best attractions of Rajasthan tours. It is a synonymous with the Bharatpur bird sanctuaries which is enlightenment for the birds’ lover. It is even idolized for its hospitality and mannerism towards its guest. Bharatpur hotels provide quality accommodation to all its guests. The hotels are categorized into different categories such as heritage hotels, wildlife resorts, budget hotels and first class hotels.bird lovers will experience a great fun while spotting the birds at Bharatpur which houses more than 200 species.

Located at a royal setting the hotels of Bharatpur steal the glance at its first sight. The faculty here provides a lot of options available at Bharatpur hotels to make your stay memorable. At Bharatpur you can even get decent accommodation at reasonable prizes. There are many restaurants which offer mouth watering and hygienic food. The charm of Bharatpur awaits you.

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