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Something About Her!!!

The women who makes every man look twice. She is who most women want to be and who most men want to be with.

By: Eric Lontroy Lipsey
Category: Fashion
: Apparel
Posted: Feb 05, 2011
Updated: Feb 05, 2011
Views: 252

As she walked through the door, her boss looked up and noticed her. He quickly diverted his eyes for fear of a sexual harassment complaint. As she made her way to her office, Ralph looked up and could hardly look away, thinking to himself, “Damn she’s fine”. When Sarah saw her, she thought, “Wow! How does she manage to look so good every day?” Finally, Joanne approached her; “girl, please tell me your secret” she said with complete sincerity. “What secret”, she asked with genuine surprise. “The secret to how you look so well every day and have the charisma to boot”, Joanne explained.
After thanking Joanne for her compliment, she began to explain her secret. “I want to feel good and I usually feel good when I look good. If I want to feel sexy, I dress sexy. If I want to feel professional I dress professional and so forth. Doing this not only affects the way that I feel, but it also affects the way that others feel about me.” “The key”, she continued, “is to never dress the way that you feel, but instead to dress the way that you want to feel.”

By: Eric L. Lipsey courtesy of

About Author

Eric Lipsey has been in business development for the past 6 years, with his main focus being in fashion for the past 3 years. He is President/CEO of, which is growing at a rapid pace. He is also Author of the book Bouncing Back.

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