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Pay as you go phones vs Sim free phones: Compare online to get the best

Pay as you go phones and SIM free phones get you more flexibility with the deals, as compared to the contract deals.

By: Raina Kelsey
Category: Technology
: Technology
Posted: Jan 17, 2011
Updated: Jan 17, 2011
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Mobile phone deals have made it easier for us to get the latest as well as the upcoming smartphones of the topmost manufacturers, like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry, etc. at cheap rates. The mobile phone deals are available as Pay as you go, contract and SIM free, out of which the contract deals are quite popular in the market, as you can get the handset you ought to buy with many additional incentives and schemes, which make it double as lucrative. However, these deals entitle you to signed contract with the service providers. The Pay as you go phones and SIM free mobile phones offer better flexibility as compared to the contract deals, as there are no signed agreements involved. The Pay as you go phones save you of the fixed monthly payments of the contract deals. In these deals, you need to pay only according to the services used by you. This is convenient for those who do not use much of the services. You can choose to pay the charges, together, at the end of the month or have it directly reduced from your mobile balance. The Pay as you go phones are locked phones, just like the contract mobile phones and hence, if you wish to have a change in network, you will have to buy a new deal or spend some amount to unlock the handset. The SIM free phones offer total freedom in selection of networks, as these are unlocked phones, which are operational under all networks. If you wish to have a change in network, at any point of time, you can simply replace the SIM. The SIM can be bought separately, with the SIM only deals of top networks. The SIM only deals are again available as contract and Pay as you go, according to the payment mode chosen by you. You can compare Pay as you go and SIM free deals on all latest smartphones on our website and wisely pick the best bargains.

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