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Creating Dry Erase Materials with Laminating Pouches

It's quick and easy to create dry erase documents using thermal laminating pouches.

By: Ishbel Lane
Category: Education
: Business
Posted: Oct 10, 2010
Updated: Oct 10, 2010
Views: 1904

Pencils may erase but they leave marks and indentations in your paper and all those little pink shreds all over. Dry erase boards on the other hand are extremely handy when you need to document some information but want to be able to erase it later.  One very easy way to create a dry erase marker surface is to laminate a piece of paper using a thermal laminating pouch.  This not only makes the document water and weather proof but provides the perfect surface for quick write and erase with dry erase markers.

  • Laminate learning aids in the classroom, allowing the students to write on them.  This could be used for practicing cursive, the time tables or even for game boards.
  • Use dry erase laminated documents for merchandising in markets and shops.
  • Use a dry erase tag laminating pouch for temporary or guest id passes.
  • Create laminated displays that can be written on to post daily specials.
  • Message boards on cubicles or office doors allow the person to leave a message while they are away or a place for others to leave them a message.
  • Coaches can use these dry erase documents to show players which positions they are playing or how to run a certain play.
  • Use dry erase markers to make notes or plans on maps.
  • Use at events or during trainings.

The uses are endless!  If you need a document or any piece of paper that allows you to erase without a trace, try using a thermal laminating pouch with your dry erase markers.  As an added bonus the item is also sturdy, tear resistant, re-usable and weather resistant.

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