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Game Review - God of War 3

God of War III is the latest - and possibly greatest - in the God of War action-adventure series to be published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Released in March 2010 across the globe it may well be the best PS/3 game ever developed.

By: Hugh McInnes
Category: Computers
Posted: Jun 16, 2010
Updated: Jun 16, 2010
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God of War III is the latest in the God of War action-adventure series to be published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Released worldwide in March 2010 for the PlayStation3 platform, is has been almost unanimously rated as the best God of War game so far and quite possibly the best PS/3 game ever developed.

Fans of the previous God of War games will find God of War III game-play to be quite familiar, as it is similar to the previous editions. Players control Kratos, the primary protagonist video game character which first appeared when God of War was originally released in 2005.

The basic theme of Kratos seeking revenge continues through this edition. The game begins immediately after the events of God of War II. Kratos ascends Mount Olympus, slays Leviathan and Poseidon, and begins to confront Zeus at the top of the mountain palace.

Kratos fails and is blasted into the River Styx, where he loses all of his special abilities. He is given a new set of weaponry by the spirit of Athena, the Blades of Exile, to aid in his quest to destroy Zeus and seek vengeance against other Olympian gods and Titans. Kratos continues to eliminate gods and their servants including Hades, Helios, Hermes, Hercules, Hera, and Hephaestus.

Floods, plagues, and other catastrophes are unleashed upon the world as a result of Kratos killing them.

Players take Kratos through a mixture of combat, puzzles, and platform-style game-play using the Blades of Exile as the main weapon of choice. God of War III brings in familiar weapons from the previous edition as well as new ones like the Claws of Hades, the Nemesis Whip, and the Nemean Cestus.

Combo moves are from previous God of War titles are carried over, with the addition of new combos, the ability to quickly switch between weapons in-battle, and a ranged combat grapple move. On-screen enemy count has been increased from 15 to a whopping 50 enemies.

The game features several extras modes containing additional game-play. These modes, known as the "Challenge of Olympus", "Challenge of Exile", and "Combat Arena", players will have more continued game-play even after they have exhausted the 10 to 20 hours required to play the main game sequence. Sony has discussed the possibility of offering downloadable content to extend game-play even further.

God of War III received positive reviews across the board, with the most notable ones as follows:
  • Official PlayStation Magazine UK 9/10
  • PSM3 Magazine 20/20
  • X-Play 5/5
  • Destructoid 10/10
  • Game Informer 10/10
  • GamesRadar 10/10
Almost every review complimented the games action, realism, and overall gaming experience. God of War III received very little complaints, mostly on minor issues like puzzle play or weaponry redundancy.

In general, most reviews would probably agree with GameZone's take on the game when their reviewer said that "...(God of War III) sets a standard by which other hack 'n slash titles will be judged moving forward."

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