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Redesign Your Collateral With Content In Mind

interesting and up-to-date content in your booklet printing is what drives clients to read a promotional item

By: Lynne Saarte
Category: Marketing:Advertising
Posted: Mar 03, 2009
Updated: Mar 03, 2009
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This is often the scenario when developing the next collateral for your business: you take out your collateral, booklet printing for example, look at the design and try to manipulate the printed booklets’ layout to come up with a new and better one. So what happened to the content?

This is often the case when redesigning your ad. The content is put in the back burner because the design is always the priority when developing marketing collaterals such as your printed booklets. It is as if all marketers and graphic designers conspire to give all attention to design and relegate the job of taking care of the content to the last minute. When everything is completed and put in place.

Of course, there is no denying that a design that is already reached its peak needs a makeover for your marketing campaign to have a fresh start. But what happens to the content? Is it part of the overall collateral that makes it effective and attractive to your target clients?

People in general read collaterals such as your printed booklets precisely because of the content and information it gives the readers. They read, learn, assess and try to compare the information provided by companies to be able to make the best decision when buying a product. If the content is useful, you will surely have gained a client to the fold. When faced with old and obsolete content in your booklet printing, chances are your collaterals get disposed of as quickly as you can say ‘content’ in your sentence.

Relevant, interesting and up-to-date content in your booklet printing is what drives clients to read a promotional item. In fact, content that is entertaining and useful makes a client go back for more, not just once but many times. Hence, a reader becomes an avid client that will turn in repeat business over and over again.

So the next time you redesign your marketing collateral, remember to include your content even at the planning process. Old and worn out content just will not make the cut if you are looking at getting leads to your business with your marketing collateral. If you want your target clients to sit up and pay attention, you had better take care of the content yourself. With fresh and valuable content, you are sure to have clients that will read whatever you have to say in your print booklets for months, and maybe even years.

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